Year 13 Prep

Ensuring our Students’ Success in and after High School

It is the Foundation’s intention that Lawrence Township high school graduates are prepared to immediately start—and succeed—in post-secondary education and/or careers. To accomplish this, the Foundation sponsors MAC (My Achievement Center), MAC Jr., MAC Online and AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) programs in the district’s two middle schools and high schools.

My Achievement Center (MAC)

The MAC (My Achievement Center), are tutoring centers located in Lawrence Central and Lawrence North High Schools. These centers are a resource to students to help them with their high school education, and also give them the confidence to attain a higher education. These centers are open to ALL students, not just failing students, FREE of charge.

The MAC offers a variety of learning opportunities for students. Homework help is just the beginning. The one on one interaction in the MAC helps students with content they may have missed or found difficult to grasp the first time from their classroom teachers. Tutors support the help you, help yourself model. They encourage students to take notes in class, provide support for organization, and coach teacher content by supporting homework assignments, proctoring tests and giving parents feedback about student progress. Throughout all these activities, relationships are being built. Tutors hold students accountable for their schoolwork and their behavior at school, as well as decisions they make outside of school.


With the growing popularity of the My Achievement Centers (MACs) in both high schools, Lawrence Township wanted to bring this resource to the middle schools.  Since study halls are not offered at the middle school level, tutoring would have to take place after school for these students, which posed the challenge of transportation home. Through a collaboration with the district, the Foundation is able to provide transportation one night a week to each middle school for not only MAC Junior, but for any after school activities and/or club participants.  Studies show that students who are involved in extra curricular activities are engaged students and higher achievers.   

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)

The goal of AVID is to empower students to successfully complete high school, gain access to college, ensure students are prepared to succeed in college, and generally improve student self confidence. AVID is currently offered in over 4,500 schools across the nation. Here in Lawrence Township, AVID is offered at our two middle schools, Belzer & Fall Creek Valley, and our two high schools, Lawrence North and Lawrence Central. Students in AVID are students in the academic middle (Bs, Cs and sometimes Ds), falling short of their full potential. AVID empowers and supports students to enroll in the school’s most challenging courses (AP & Honors) and they are supported to succeed. AVID students sign a contract promising to keep their G.P.A. above a 2.0 or they will be placed on probation. This academic rigor and structured support empowers AVID students by fully preparing them to attend and succeed in a four-year college or university, as well as by developing improved self images as they become academically successful leaders and role models for their classmates. AVID students begin in 7th grade to acquire a college-going mindset. Students also receive information and experiences such as financial aid, scholarship information and college visits that make their transition and success to and in college that much more smooth.