The Power of Community

The Lawrence Township School Foundation was established in 1983 to provide teachers with funding for programs that weren’t supported by tax dollars. Since then, we’ve contributed more than $6.2 million to support the education of our children. Today, the Foundation partners with the school district, connecting philanthropy and education to provide resources that empower young people to reach their full potential.

Lawrence Township Schools have a long history of successfully challenging students to learn and grow. Yet, cuts in public education funding and the local property tax cap create challenges that cannot be resolved with traditional funding.

The Lawrence Township School Foundation is actively reaching out to the community to gain the financial support needed to fund critical programs now and for the future.  We intend to bring resources into the district so that ALL Lawrence Township children have the tools they need to succeed.

Our Vision:

We are a strong and vibrant community where all children are supported and empowered to shine.

Our Mission:

The Lawrence Township School Foundation connects community and classrooms to provide the resources needed for all children to excel.

Impact Stories

Up & Running

The Up & Running program is offered each semester and is open to all students (of all ability levels) from 4th grade up. The mission of Up & Running is to challenge students to experience the benefits of goal-setting, character development, adult mentoring, and improved health by providing them with a truly life-changing experience. The ultimate goal is to train and compete in a 5K. As one student said, “I really enjoyed Up & Running because it taught me how to become a healthier person. It was also really fun to jog with my friends while getting exercise.”

Over the years, the Up & Running program has impacted many students. Last year as she ran across the Geist Half finish line into her mother’s arms, a young Up & Running student cried, “I did it! I never thought I could, but I did. I wonder what else I can do?”