Do GOOD. Donate. Challenge others!

The Lawrence Township School Foundation launched #LTdoGOODday on October 2nd, 2020, an annual day of doing and giving in the Lawrence Township School Community. #LTdoGOODday is dedicated to giving your time, talent, or treasures to show your appreciation for Lawrence Township teachers and staff. Their PASSION for education and our Lawrence Township students is greatly appreciated and we want to show them!

We have raised $5,550.00 of our goal.


The goal for the day is BIG! $16,165. That represents $1 for every Lawrence Township student. Dollars raised will be used to show Lawrence Township staff some TLC. Team Lunch and Care for all 2500 employees! It’s a simple way to say thank you for their dedication and passion. It feels good to do GOOD! Thank you for doing GOOD! 


Check out the list of examples or come up with your own act of doing good! Of course, we encourage you to be creative and have fun!

  • Write a sincere note of appreciation to an MSDLT staff member
  • Give virtual hugs on social media to someone special with a post, TikTok, or picture
  • Draw a sidewalk chalk message of thanks or encouragement
  • Take a walk and leave heads up pennies on the sidewalk for others to find
  • Create a yard sign or window sign bringing others cheer
  • Do something good for your neighbor
  • Tell a family member you love them
  • Pay it forward when in line for a soft drink or coffee
  • Give a thumbs up, you never know who needs it
  • Simply, be kind to everyone


Share your "Do Good" story on social media using the hashtag #LTdoGOODday and challenge others to DO GOOD and DONATE, too. If you prefer, email your story with photos to Taylor Williams at the Lawrence Township School Foundation and she will share your kindness with our community. 

Make Your Gift Go Even Further

Many companies offer a matching gift program to encourage philanthropy among their employees. This is a simple but powerful way to generate extra financial support to help LT students and families. Please check if your company has a matching program and submit a request. The EIN # for the Lawrence Township School Foundation is 35-1573468.


#LTdoGOODday Sponsors

Pam Dechart
Royal United Mortgage
Yard Sign Sisters

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