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The Board of Directors is a dedicated, working volunteer board comprised of up to 23 community, parent, and district leaders. Interested individuals are encouraged to join a LTSF Committee as many board positions are frequently filled from committee members.  


LTSF has five active committees comprised of LTSF board members, interested community members, and a staff representative. An LTSF Executive Committee Member serves as the chair of each committee. As needed, the Board may also appoint Ad Hoc committees for specific projects. Click the links below for more information on each committee. 

  • Audit & Finance Committee

    The Audit & Finance Committee advises the Board on all financial matters, supports the development of the annual budget, interprets the overall financial health of the organization, recommends the accounting firm to conduct the annual review of the Corporation, and performs such other duties as the President or Board may request. The Treasurer serves as Chairperson of the Audit & Finance Committee.  Additionally, this committee will have oversight over the Investment Committee.

  • Development Committee

    The Development Committee is responsible for on-going strategic planning of fund development. Responsibilities include the identification, solicitation, and cultivation of prospects in conjunction with staff and board members. Specific areas will include:
    1. Alumni Engagement - Responsible for cultivating relationships with alumni in an effort to gain support of the Foundation through participation in events and ultimately financial donations. Members will serve as ambassadors and advocates for both the Lawrence Township School Foundation and MSD of Lawrence Township.
    2. Legacy Society – Increase awareness and build relationships with those interested in planned giving opportunities.
    3. President’s Leadership Council (Donors who give $1,000+ unrestricted donation) – Focus is on donor engagement at this level of giving.

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one (1) Director-at-Large. The Executive Committee meets and conducts the business of the Corporation, when necessary, between regularly scheduled Board meetings. Additionally, the Executive Committee is responsible for personnel issues including monitoring of annual review, compensation, and employment law. All decisions made by the Executive Committee during these interim periods must be ratified by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled or special meeting. The President presides at meetings of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director serves on the Executive Committee in an ex-officio capacity.

  • Governance Committee

    The Governance Committee is responsible for the ongoing review and recommendation to enhance the quality and future viability of the Board. This Committee is responsible for the annual board self-assessment, board succession planning, and the annual review of the by-laws, as well as serving as the Grievance Committee for any formal grievances against the Board Chair. The Governance Committee will select and prepare a slate of officers and new members to present to the board for approval at the May meeting of the Board of Directors. 

  • Programs Committee

    The Programs Committee is responsible for ensuring all programs serve the needs of the students in the MSD of Lawrence Township. Additionally, this committee oversees the Creative Impact Grant and Scholarships Committees.

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