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Creative Impact Grants

About Creative Impact Grants

This Lawrence Township School Foundation program provides funding for creative and innovative projects that would otherwise not be supported by tax dollars. Any MSD of Lawrence Township teacher, teacher group, school personnel, administrator, or parent is eligible to apply.

2023-2024 Creative Impact Grants Awarded

19 grants totaling over $20,000 were awarded. Congratulations to the educators  listed below! Click on the title of the grant to learn more. 

  • SEL Puppet Theatre

    This grant will bring educational hand puppets and a premade theater into Mr. Dolon's kindergarten classroom. By integrating theater and puppets into the daily classroom routine, students will learn how to express themselves creatively and emotionally. Grade level: Kindergarten

  • Two Big Maps and a Bunch of Stickers

    This grant will purchase two large maps: one of the United States and one of Indiana. These maps will be placed in a well-traveled area of Lawrence Central and seniors will have the opportunity to place stickers on the maps for every college/university acceptance they receive Grade levels: 9-12

  • Playground Communication Board

    This grant will fund the installation of a communication board on the Crestview playground consisting of pictures, symbols, and core vocab words in both English and Spanish. Ms. Funk's "Playground Communication Board" grant will support students with communication challenges, bilingual students, and the teachers and peers who want to communicate and build relationships with them Grade levels: 1-6

  • Creating Pottery From A New Point of View

    This grant will provide students with a brand new wedging table for making pottery and exploring the art of ceramics in the classroom. Grade levels: 9-12

  • Lawrence Township Winter Percussion

    This grant will serve both Lawrence Central High School and Lawrence North High School students. It will cover the cost of their performance tarp and registration for all projected performances. Mr. Henderson's grant will help reduce the need to raise student fees while simultaneously improving the performance experience and number of performances opportunities for students. Grade levels: 9-12

  • LN Tech Theatre Lighting & Sound Project (Frieden Family Legacy Grant)

    This Frieden Family Legacy Grant will purchase new sound equipment and a portable truss system for the LN Performing Arts Department With these tools, all performing arts students will gain the skills necessary for design and execution of technical theater motions, including the use of lighting cues, sound boards, and other technical practices. Grade levels: 9-12

    Thank you to the Frieden Family for supporting this grant. You are making dreams come true for MSD of Lawrence Township students and educators!


  • Guitars for Upper Elementary General Music: Progressing from Ukulele

    This grant will purchase 16 brand new guitars for the music department to complete their classroom set. Fifth and sixth grade students, who received ukuleles last year as fourth and fifth graders, will now be taught guitar as a continuation of learning how to play fretted string instruments. Grade levels: 5-6

  • Visualizing Our Way to Comprehension

    This grant will serve to fill in the gap by providing students with a variety of new reading comprehension resources, including over 800 high-interest and engaging informational stories, vocabulary and writing practice, and higher order thinking skills questions and exercises. Grade levels: 3-6

  • The Tree House Project

    This grant will provide high schoolers with a safe and aesthetically quiet space to experience: self awareness, quietness, collaboration, and solitude, as needed. Students will be able to access a variety of classroom amenities that promote positive mental health practices. Grade levels: 9-12

  • Math Pentathlon After School for Kindergarten

    This grant will provide students and teachers access to Math Pentathlon, a K-7 program of interactive problem-solving games to motivate ALL students to enjoy and spend more time learning math. Ms. Novilla will be coaching kindergartners after school on the Math Pentathlon games and attend the Indiana statewide tournament in April 2024. Grade levels: K-7

  • Visual Examples for ALL

    This grant will purchase a document camera for ELA classes that will allow students to see in real time what their work can look like and show other students what their examples are. Students enjoy showing their successes and a document camera is an easy way for them to display their work. Grade levels: 7-8

  • STEM-in-ACTION--Geocaching

    Geocaching is a scavenger hunt using satellites and handheld GPS receivers. This grant will allow students to design and create geocache containers to hide "in plain sight" on the school property. After designing and creating the "hides," students put will information inside, such as codewords, math, vocab, trivia for other students to find and solve. Grade levels: 4-6

  • Transportation Fitness Class

    This grant will fund the purchase of yoga mats for the MSD of Lawrence Township Transportation Fitness class. This class is an opportunity for all MSDLT employees in the Transportation Department to be physically active at work. For: LECC staff 

  • Sensory Exploration Kits

    This grant will provide Sensory Exploration Kits to teachers & therapists working with Life Skills students in all MSD of Lawrence Township elementary & middle schools. Grade levels: Pre K-8

  • School Wide Kindness Initiative for the 2023/2024 School Year

    This grant will encourage students to show kindness throughout the school day by implementing an “I am kind!” reward system. ELC Mary Castle will have a brand new “Wall of Kindness” to recognize students on a weekly basis. Grade levels: Pre K-Kindergarten 

  • Capturing the Cub Reporter

    This grant will provide the LC student-run newspaper with their very own cameras to use for reporting. Grade levels: 9-12

  • Sensory for ALL!

    Sensory play helps young students build upon their senses, improving cognitive and language skills, as well as fine motor and social development. Ms. Workman’s “Sensory for ALL!” grant will provide all of ELC Brook Park with new sensory items, impacting over 400 students! Grade levels: Pre K-Kindergarten

  • Let's Get Cooking

    This grant will provide students in the functional academics classroom with the resources needed to prepare and cook a new dish each week based on different themes. Students will use math skills to measure and combine the ingredients into beautiful masterpieces. Grade levels: 1-6

  • Boosting Engagement in Music with Ukuleles

    This grant will help purchase ukuleles for music classes at Crestview. Grade levels: 4-6


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