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Q: Who should attend?

A: EVERYBODY! We have no space constraints!  Let’s make this the biggest virtual event ever!  Besides, who doesn’t want to support our wonderful students and teachers especially during a year where we all have had to adjust and transition?

Q: How do I sign up and what does it cost?

A:  Sign up and pay at The cost is $50 per person ($100 if you’re a couple).

Q: What do I get for $50?

A: You get a whole lot of gratitude for impacting the LT students and staff!  If you live in the area, you will also receive a party box which will be delivered to your door if you actually live in Lawrence Township.  If you live outside LT, we’ll figure out a way to get it to you.  (Unfortunately, out of state participants will not receive a party box). You will also receive a unique link to connect to the exclusive broadcast!

Q: What does the party box include?

A: Each box is filled with items thanks to local businesses including Elite Beverage, Abbott’s Also, Just Popped In, Debrand’s Chocolate, and Taylor’s Bakery. There are also a couple of surprises to enhance your experience!

Q: Can I watch from my own home in my comfy clothes?

A: Yes. You will not be on camera. Get comfy, pour your favorite beverage, and tune in!  You don’t even have to grab your “zoom” shirt”!

Q: What time does the event start?

A:  The pre-party which has all kinds of great info and reminders begins at 6:30 pm. The actual program will be broadcast at 7:00pm and is expected to last approximately 50 minutes.

Q: Will there be a silent auction?

A: Yes, we have assembled an awesome silent auction thanks to the generosity of our community!  As in the past, we will have the silent auction available on our mobile bidding site through Qtego. You’ll need to register your phone at in order to participate. The silent auction link will be sent out a week before the event so you can start bidding whenever you are ready!  It will end a couple hours after the program ends (exact time to be determined).

Q: I have a conflict, but can I still participate somehow?

A: We will miss you!!  But, yes, we would love for you to register your phone so you can participate in the silent auction the week leading up to the event and make a donation to our Fund-the-Needs campaign. Please register your phone at

Q: My school usually brings a table to the event. How can I help this year?

A: By bringing (recruiting) 2 tables!! Seriously, though, you are not limited to a table of ten this year!  We encourage all staff to “attend” and enjoy an evening celebrating “together.”  Teachers and staff can register as a group or individually. We want to continue the tradition of having every school represented in a big way!

Q: I am usually a table captain for this event. How can I help this year?

A: We’re calling Table Captains “Recruiting Managers” this year! We still need you to commit to getting at least 10 guests to sign up for the event. If you’ve treated your guests by paying in the past, it’s $50/person ($500 for 10 total guests).  Or, you can ask them to register separately and pay individually.  We’ll recognize you as a Recruiting Manager during the program.  Please email Angie at to confirm your commitment.

Q: Do I have to physically have people in my house?

A: Only if you feel comfortable. Hey, it’s a virtual event, so while we would love to be squished together at Crane Bay, in the name of safety and social distancing, do what’s best for you. Just by recruiting 10 people to register, you will help LTSF reach our goal of 500 attendees. We want to continue to fund important programs and opportunities in our schools.

Q: What should I provide if I’m hosting guests in my home?

A: Really, all you need to do is corral your guests during the broadcast and watch together!  We’d also love for you to encourage everyone to bid and donate!!  We’re currently working with a couple of community partners on food options (full meals and charcuterie boards) to make things simple if hosts want to provide everything. Stay tuned for more details!  To view the program, you can simply connect your laptop (with internet connection) to your TV. Participants will also be able to view, bid on silent auction items, and donate on their portable device.

Q: Is it worth my time on a Friday night after a long week? 

A: Absolutely! It’s the perfect way to end your week!  You will feel so good by doing good!!

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