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LTSF Initiatives

The Lawrence Township School Foundation partners closely with the MSD of Lawrence Township to identify needs in all 21 schools. The programs funded impact students from grades Pre-K through grade 12 and focus on 4 major initiatives:

Year 13 Prep - Ensuring that ALL kids successfully complete high school and are fully prepared and equipped for Year 13. Whether Year 13 means college, military service, or a career, our kids will be prepared.

Hands-On Learning - Unleashing the power of learning by doing. Hands-on experiences increase student performance and motivation by drawing a child’s attention to objects/tools which they are allowed to touch or move during the learning process.

Healthy Body Healthy MindHealthy Body Healthy Mind provides all students with a healthy lifelong approach. Mind and body are closely related to and impact everything we do. By supporting opportunities that encompass the whole person, our children's capabilities to learn and grow as individuals are heightened.

Today and Tomorrow - Working now to build a better tomorrow. In order to continue to serve the needs of Lawrence Township students, we must continue to grow by strengthening our connections and building support of the community for tomorrow's children.


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