Hands-on Learning

Creative Impact Grants

This Lawrence Township School Foundation program provides funding for creative and innovative projects that would otherwise not be supported by tax dollars. Any MSD of Lawrence Township teacher, teacher group, school personnel, administrator, student or parent is eligible to apply.

In 2017, 17 grants totaling $25,000 were awarded! Congratulations to the teachers listed below! 2018 awards will be announced in late October.

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2017-2018 Creative Impact Grants Awarded

That Viola Kid

Belzer & Lawrence Central, Heather Nieto

Drew Alexander Forde (aka That Viola Kid) will travel to Lawrence Township to talk, give a demonstration, and inspire Orchestra students.

Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Learning Tables

Brook Park, Sonya Schkabla

With this grant, 3 environmentally-friendly plastic picnic tables will be purchased for the school.

Family Engagement Nights

ELC @ Brook Park, Karissa May

Monthly Family Engagement Nights will now be available, which will provide a variety of experiences as well as needed resources for families to support their children.

Sensory Room

ELC @ Brook Park, Christine Johnson & Mary Jo Mack

Creation of a sensory-friendly space for all ELC @ Brook Park students will be available for those who are struggling with sensory issues or need a break from the over-stimulation of the classroom and the demands of the school day.

Student Centered Sensory Supports

ELC @ Mary Castle, Tamea Wickware

Sensory items, such as sensory tables, wiggle and bounce chairs, and sensory lighting will be available to help students who have sensory needs.

Give FCV Show Choir its Sparkle

Fall Creek Valley, Elizabeth Warner

This grant will help purchase “show choir” dresses for the show choir, which was started last year. The dresses can be reused year after year.

We Can Code

Harrison Hill, Tammy Mills

Allows for the purchase of 5 Lego WeDo 2.0 kits, which incorporate Lego building blocks with computer coding.

Flexible Seating

Indian Creek, Patricia Horan

This grant allows for the purchase of different types of classroom seating options to accommodate the different needs of students.

Maple Sugaring

Indian Creek, LaMonica Henson

Students will be taken to the outdoor lab, where they will identify maple trees and tap them to gather sap. They will then go through the process of turning the sap into maple syrup. The project will culminate with a pancake breakfast prepared and served by the students.

Robots in the Classroom

Lawrence Central, Kyong Damron

Allows for the purchase of a classroom set of the Sphero SPRK+ spherical robots. These spherical robots not only introduce students to coding and programming, but can be used to explore various science topics like exploring models of plants and animals or virtual dissections.

LC War On Hunger Food Pantry

Lawrence Central, Casey Northcutt

Supplies such as shelving and carts will be used in the food pantry at LC, which will be run by the functional academic classes.

Let’s Build Some STEAM

Lawrence Central, Kevin Self

With a 3D printer that will be used with TinkerCard, a web-based program, students will design and create three dimensional products that can be used in the classroom for projects.

Virtual Reality Classroom

Mary Castle, Maria Dorsel

These 40 pairs of virtual reality goggles will be used with donated iPhones and will be available to all teachers to check out and use in their classroom.

Geography in a Giant Way

Mary Castle, Michelle Smelser

Allows for purchase of a giant room-sized map of North America.

The Engineering Design Process Comes Alive!

Skiles Test, Dave Shafer

These Pinewood Derby and Lego Derby kits and tracks will allow 1-4 grade students learn the engineering design process.


Sunnyside, Michele McGraw

Allows for the purchase of 6 Spikeball sets, which is a game that combines Volleyball with 4-Square.

Phoenix Vegetable Garden

Winding Ridge, Lynette Nichols

Allows for funding of a vegetable garden which will be used for a variety of related projects.


Legacy Study Trips have been added to every elementary school’s curriculum. Beginning in 2nd grade and continuing through 6th grade, students participate in a study trip designed around the state standards and offering experiential learning.

Grade 1: Fire Station - Students travel to a nearby fire station to learn from firefighters & police officers the importance of safety.

Grade 2: Lawrence Central High School – Students travel to LC to get a behind the scenes look at the spring musical.

Grade 3: Children’s Museum – Students experience while learning about history, science, and the universe as they partake in a day of exploration.

Grade 4: Indiana Statehouse Tour– Students will travel downtown to experience the Indiana State Capital building, Indiana State Library, and the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site.

Grade 5: Conner Prairie – The Indiana History which students read about in text books becomes a vibrant learning experience full of activities to see and do. 

Grade 6: Indianapolis Museum of Art - Students visit and study at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the new grounds for team learning.

Elementary Music Education

Studies prove that students who participate in extra-curricular activities, including music, are successful students. Lawrence Township is nationally recognized for its outstanding performing arts departments. This musical education program allows all elementary school student the same exceptional music education, irrelevant of the school’s magnet focus, by developing a teaching plan for all eleven elementary schools centered around the Orff-Schulwerk (Orff) philosophy. 

Orff is a student-centered, experience-based teaching method, very similar to the Project Approach teaching style the district has already adopted.  It encompasses speech, singing, congas, xylophones, cajons, and movement.  This approach is most beneficial to kinesthetic, hands-on learners, a demographic that is growing due to our increased diversity in student population.  The Orff teaching method allows children to sing, say, move, and play to create their own musical experiences.  They don’t just hear the music - they are the music.