Hands-on Learning

Creative Impact Grants

This Lawrence Township School Foundation program provides funding for creative and innovative projects that would otherwise not be supported by tax dollars. Any MSD of Lawrence Township teacher, teacher group, school personnel, administrator, student or parent is eligible to apply.

In 2018, 24 grants totaling $25,000 were awarded! Congratulations to the teachers listed below!

The next grant cycle will open in August, 2019. To access our online grant management system, click here.

2018-2019 Creative Impact Grants Awarded

Art Drying Rack

Belzer, Sabrina Roll

With this 80-shelf drying rack, projects will have the perfect place for art to dry.

Operation: Goal to Enroll—21st Century Scholars Program!

Belzer Middle & Fall Creek Valley, Bonita Neal

This grant will help promote awareness of the 21st Century Scholars program and increase the number of middle school students who enroll in the program.

Doktor Kaboom and the Wheel of Science Field Trip

Brook Park, Barbara Wright

4th graders will experience this interactive science event which not only teaches science but also teaches students to be brave, take risks, and have a very positive growth mindset.

Pawsitively Theraputic

Brook Park, Sonya Schkabla

This grant would pay for the therapy dog training needed to allow Brook Park to have a certified therapy dog.

Family Engagement Closet

ELC @ Brook Park, Adrienne Sargent

This grant will create a closet filled with games and books that will be engaging for families and will help promote strong relationships, academic skills, social and emotional skills, as well as language skills.

First Friday’s Food with Friends

ELC @ Brook Park, Melissa Workman

ELC students will work as a whole team to prepare a food item that will then be enjoyed by their families on the first Friday morning of every month.

Summer Servings Bookmobile

ELC @ Brook Park, Karissa May

This grant provides books, games, cards, word searches, and other fun items to kids participating in the Summer Servings program, many of whom don’t have access to many books during the summer.

Dinner and Dialogue

ELC @ Mary Castle, Laura Wright

This grant will fund quarterly parent education nights for parents of kindergarten students.

Mobile Coding Lab

ELC @ Mary Castle, Jennifer McNamara

This grant would provide a mobile coding lab with several different devices, rechargeable batteries for the devices, and tubs to store the mobile lab.

Middle School Students Exploring College

Fall Creek Valley, Joshua Quinn

Middle school students will experience college campuses because of this grant.

Forest Glen Hispanic Festival Costume Revitalization

Forest Glen, Ann Clough & Patricia Meneses

This grant will help purchase new costumes for students to wear when performing at various events.

In Tune with the LC Orchestras

Lawrence Central, Craig Ghromley

This grant will purchase a Yamaha Harmony Director keyboard, which will bring harmony training, rhythm training, and sense of timing together in one electronic keyboard, helping to demonstrate pure temperaments and allowing students to learn how to tune individual notes within chords, so that entire chords may be tuned.

LC Student Media Photojournalism Excellence Project

Lawrence Central, Claire Burke

This grant will allow Lawrence Central to purchase a new DSLR camera kit, which will allow the student publications staffers to better the quality of photos in the Cub Reporter newspaper and Bears Den yearbook.

Playing with Parachutes

Lawrence Central, Kyle Schwingendorf

Grant to buy materials to create a hands-on “Playing with Parachutes” lesson, which will allow students to learn about drag, free fall, and terminal velocity.

Time to Crack the Code

Lawrence Central, Kevin Self

The grant will purchase an Arduino which reads inputs and turns it into outputs. Students will learn different coding instructions and languages of code by utilizing these devices.

3-D Printers Bring STEM Connection and Exciting Applications to Math Class

Lawrence North, Ella Hereth

This grant would purchase a 3D printer and the materials which will allow students to use the skills they are learning in math to create 3D objects they can keep.

Making More of Recess

Mary Castle, Michelle Smelser

This grant will provide additional activities for students to participate in during recess.

CRASH! The Science of Collisions

MCIT, Carletta Sullivan

This “hands on” classroom activity will help students with their math and physics and drive home the point that careers in criminal justice require many academic skills.

Rain Gutter Racing & Boat Design—A STEM Engineering Challenge

Skiles Test, Dave Shafer

Students will work through the Engineering Design Process to build boats out of a variety of materials.

Sounds of Success Drum Circle

Skiles Test, Freda Taylor

Allows the purchase of drums for Skiles Test to be used for drumming circles and other drumming activities.

Exploring Nets and 3D Figures with Magna-Tiles

Sunnyside, Barbara Delgado

The magna-tiles purchased with this grant will help students have a better understanding of 3-D geometric figures and how to determine their nets, area, and surface area.

Calming Tools

Winding Ridge, Sarah Stanley

A basket of calming tools will be made for each classroom to help a student de-escalate when upset. 

More Than Just STEM: From Roots to Branches!

Winding Ridge, Christina Gray

This grant would give primary grade students at Winding Ridge the incentive to expand their STEM knowledge through hands-on classroom experiences which are highly engaging.

Recess for All

Winding Ridge, Kristin Burmeister

This grant will purchase new playground equipment that will be inclusive and accessible to all students, increase students’ team-building skills, promote cooperation amongst others, develop gross and fine motor skills, increase flexibility and balancing skills, improve coordination, and support sensory needs.


Legacy Study Trips have been added to every elementary school’s curriculum. Beginning in 2nd grade and continuing through 6th grade, students participate in a study trip designed around the state standards and offering experiential learning.

Kindergarten: Fort Harrison State Park - Students learn about nature and their community.

Grade 1: Fire Station - Students travel to a nearby fire station to learn from firefighters & police officers the importance of safety.

Grade 2: Lawrence Central High School – Students travel to LC to get a behind the scenes look at the spring musical.

Grade 3: Children’s Museum – Students experience while learning about history, science, and the universe as they partake in a day of exploration.

Grade 4: Indiana Statehouse Tour– Students will travel downtown to experience the Indiana State Capital building, Indiana State Library, and the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site.

Grade 5: Conner Prairie – The Indiana History which students read about in text books becomes a vibrant learning experience full of activities to see and do. 

Grade 6: Indianapolis Museum of Art - Students visit and study at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the new grounds for team learning.

Elementary Music Education

Studies prove that students who participate in extra-curricular activities, including music, are successful students. Lawrence Township is nationally recognized for its outstanding performing arts departments. This musical education program allows all elementary school student the same exceptional music education, irrelevant of the school’s magnet focus, by developing a teaching plan for all eleven elementary schools centered around the Orff-Schulwerk (Orff) philosophy. 

Orff is a student-centered, experience-based teaching method, very similar to the Project Approach teaching style the district has already adopted.  It encompasses speech, singing, congas, xylophones, cajons, and movement.  This approach is most beneficial to kinesthetic, hands-on learners, a demographic that is growing due to our increased diversity in student population.  The Orff teaching method allows children to sing, say, move, and play to create their own musical experiences.  They don’t just hear the music - they are the music.