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Teacher Appreciation Week

Lawrence Township celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week took place the week of May 4-8, 2020. During this time, LTSF in partnership with the District honored our outstanding Lawrence Township teachers and their dedication to our wonderful students.

Click on each name to see a message about each honored teacher.

Amy Beverland

  • Dawn Colbert

    "Both my boys were blessed to have Miss Colbert for 5th grade. We are so grateful for all her love, encouragement and dedication she gives to my children." - Victoria Novilla

  • Lindsay Deeg

    "Mrs. Deeg is awesome!! Thank you for supplementing STEM e-learning to help better prepare your students for 6th grade. We appreciate your reliable communication with parents, too!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Pam Marshall

    "Thank you, Mrs. Marshall, for being such a wonderful 5th grade teacher!! We appreciate everything you've done to make yourself available to your students and families during e-learning...from the multiple Zoom calls each week, to the study groups you've put together, and the time you've spent answering questions for parents, too! Thank you for loving our kids!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Debbie Thie

    "Joslyn has really enjoyed having Mrs. Thie as her teacher this year! We appreciate Mrs. Thie's willingness to adapt e-learning assignments to meet the needs of her students, as well as her consistent communication with families. Thank you for making our children still feel valued while they're away from your physical classroom!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Abigail Weber

    "Mrs. Weber has done an amazing job communicating and helping her students during this time! Holding multiple weekly zoom meetings for the class to just talk about what they are doing, helping and teaching lessons and reading books to the class to end each meeting. My child loves seeing Mrs. Weber each week to talk to her, his friends and story time at the end. Thank you so much for all your hard work and helping us all navigate through this time!" - Adrienne St Laurent


  • Annie Rubendunst

    "Ms. Rubendunst has been INCREDIBLE with her students not only with when school was in session, but especially in this elearning time. Her communication, zoom hours, and encouragement of students has been fantastic. THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to Belzer MS and LT!" - Lee Ann Jordan

  • Sam Scherry

    "Very grateful for Mr. Scherry and his dedication to students in his class. He always has taken the time to help/answer my son’s questions regarding homework, along with questions that I had. THANK YOU Mr. Scherry for your hard work and dedication to Belzer MS, and Lawrence Township!" - Lee Ann Jordan

  • Stephanie Weddle

    "Ms Weddle has been a tremendous help and gone above and beyond to encourage and assist my student. Because of that my student has felt more confident in her academics. Thanks Ms Weddle for all you do!" - Ingrid Douglas

ELC @ Brook Park

  • ELC @ Brook Park Staff

    "Thank you to the amazing staff at ELC Brook Park for your dedication and service to the ELCBP students and families." - Edyza Deynes

ELC @ Amy Beverland

  • Michele Patton

    "Ms Patton and Mrs Jennings have been absolutely incredible preschool teachers for our son. He went from a child who was terrified to go to school and slow to warm up, to begging us to take him early so he could be the first one in his classroom. They are so sweet, gentle, fun, silly and comforting with all the kids. They also do a great job working on skills the kids will need for kindergarten. I tell absolutely everyone how impressed we are with Ms Patton and Mrs Jennings and feel like we hit the jackpot. Our son will have such fond memories of his first school experience and we will love them always. He misses his teachers and classmate terribly and cannot wait to see them again. Thank you both so much for making such an impact on our lives." - Casey Erhart

  • Theresa Haler*

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ELC @ Mary Castle

  • Angela Crousore*

    "Mrs. Crousore has been a light in this challenging time of change and new obstacles! She always is there for her staff and families!" - Diane Laramore

  • Susan Kerkhof*

    "Susan believes in her students and gives them love and direction every day! Thank you!" - Diane Laramore

  • Blake Riggleman

    "She is so caring. She really loves her students." - Theresa Morris

  • Julie Spears*

    "Thank you for the work and love you put in every day! You make a difference!" - Diane Laramore

  • LaNesha Tabb*

    "Thank you for the work, dedication and love you give every day to every student. It makes a difference!" - Diane Laramore

  • Crystal Walker*

    "Crystal, thank you for giving your love and belief in your students. It makes a difference!" - Diane Laramore

Forest Glen

  • Charlotte Cotto*

    "Srta. Cotto - Thank you so much for teaching me this year. I love that you still meet with us so many times a week on Zoom to make sure we are still learning. I miss you! Have a great summer!" - Jayme Shaurette & Family

  • Aida Ferran

    "Sra. Ferran has taught me so much this year and I am grateful for all she has done. Thank you!!" - Kally Vincent

  • Chelsea Isley

    "Srta. Isley is a teacher that goes above and beyond. I have had the opportunity to see her work with two of my children and she is just spectacular. Even during this corona time, she has been making sure to video class at least 3 times a day, plus make a video of herself reading a book before bed. We even got a visit from her just to say hi." - Rosela McFarland

  • Cynthia Kent*

    "Sra. Kent - Thank you for teaching me this year. I like that we can still learn on our Zoom calls. Have a great summer!" - Carter Shaurette & Family

  • Jessica Sowder*

    "Thank you to Ms. Sowder for going above and beyond in this new eLearning situation! Our 5th grader misses school very much, but Ms. Sowder's daily Zoom calls and constant communication are helping her to still feel connected to her school family." - Ryan and Carin Werbeck

  • Lissett Mejia

    "Sra. Mejia has been a phenomenal teacher for our son’s 3rd grade class. Her attention to detail and ability to maximize the learning environment made this year unforgettable. Her love of teaching and her students is evident, and the growth we saw in our son was tremendous. She is the best!" - Will Haskett

  • Michelle Gallaway

    "Mrs. Gallaway is so kind and caring and always helping us when we need it. She has taught me so much this year and I am so grateful that she is my teacher." - Kally Vincent

  • Moraima Alvarez

    "Srta. Alvarez is smart and kind. She is always patient and friendly, especially when we need her during eLearning. Her organization makes learning during the pandemic less stressful. Un abrazo muy fuerte!" - Faith Alvarez

    "Srta. Alvarez is such a wonderful teacher. It is so clear how much she loves and cares about her students, in addition to providing them with an excellent education. Austin (her 3rd grade student) says that Srta. Alvarez is nice, helpful, kind, and cares about everyone in the class. We are so lucky to have her as a teacher this year!" - Abby Vincent

Harrison Hill

  • Marcy Gaines

    "Mrs. Gaines is one of a kind! Even during these difficult times, she continues to be there for all her students. My daughter looks forward to her bi-weekly Zoom meetings with Mrs. Gaines. She has a heart of gold!" - Rachel Smith

  • Michelle Holmes

    "Ms. Holmes is my sons 2nd grade teacher and she has been nothing short of AMAZING when it comes to Kayden! We recently found out this year Kayden has a mild case of and anxiety and it has been a ROUGH couple of months with his behavior. Ms. Holmes and a lot of the staff at Harrison Hill have been encouraging, patient and trying everything they can to help Kayden learn the best way he can. She has been AMAZING communicating when in school and while out of school. She has put time aside to work with him once a week! Kayden will apologize for his behavior and all she says is she just loves to see him smile and loves when he’s happy! She is the best teacher I have ever came in contact with! She is nothing short of AMAZING! She is exactly how every teacher should be you can truly tell she cares about her students. I could write a novel about how great she has been! We love Ms. Holmes and she deserves all the appreciation!!" - Alexis

  • Lori Kirkland

    "Mrs. Kirkland has been the Best! My son Kayden is in 2nd grade but would do daily check ins with Mrs. Kirkland and they have decided that she should be his 3rd grade teacher! She has been super sweet and helpful even with Kayden not being in her class just yet! She checks in on him all the time while school is out and offers to help him one on one and would say she misses his smile and would ask me to hug him for her! They have done FaceTime calls and phone calls. I can really tell that the teachers at Harrison Hill really care about my son and that makes me feel extremely happy and comfortable to have him be a student there!" - Alexis

  • Courtney Radaker

    "Mrs. Radaker is an amazing teacher! She works hard to make sure her students are successful in all that they do. She Zooms with her class, she works with the curriculum team to develop great lessons, and she is loved by her students." - Meghan Alexis

  • Harry Wallace

    "Mr.Wallace is an excellent teacher! He is always there when I need him especially now when it’s a hard time." - Mario Castillo

Indian Creek

  • Steve Hardwick

    "Mr. Hardwick is still teaching things online like they would if they were in the classroom. The NASA projects are very interesting. This has been something Isaiah likes to talk to me about when we are eating dinner." - Joy Kropczynski

Lawrence Central

  • Christina Hunt

    "Mrs. Hunt has been a fantastic teacher! I have had her the last two years and she has always encouraged me to do better and work hard. During ISTEP is when I realized she really set me up for success. She made sure each one of her students was well prepared and wouldn’t move on from a subject until we all knew what she talked about. Thank you Mrs.Hunt!" - Lilly Mejia

Lawrence North

  • Amanda Armstrong

    "Mrs. Armstrong always goes the extra mile to help me succeed in my Interdisc class. She always meets me in the middle, whether it's helping me to get the best possible grade or helping me cope during hard times." - Paige Coffey

  • Elizabeth Atkinson

    "Thank you for an amazing two years of math for Trissa! We truly appreciate all that she learned in IB Math and how it will prepare her for higher level college math courses. Thank you for providing a challenging yet fun and rewarding environment for my daughter!! You're the best!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Sarah Bigler

    "Thank you for being an incredible AP Lang teacher for my daughter, Trissa! From the moment I met you at "Meet the Teacher" night, I knew she was in great hands!! I appreciate the growth she experienced (as a student) due to the rigor of your class, and I also appreciate the growth she experienced (as a young adult) her junior year...both thanks to you! You're amazing!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • John Burns*

    "Coach Burns - It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. We appreciate your efforts this year coaching (morning BP sessions) and allowing Owen to TA for you. He really enjoys his time with you. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Rob and Amy Quinn"

  • Elaine Bush

    "Thank you for being such a wonderfully supportive high school counselor for Trissa!! Your diligence, care, and eagerness to help have meant the world to both Trissa and myself. We will carry that in our hearts forever!! You're a gift to everyone who knows you!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Karen Comstock

    "We love you, Mrs. Comstock!! Thank you for being such an incredible Lyceum English teacher for both of my high schoolers! Your high standards, diligence for detail, and care for your students shows in everything you do. You are amazing!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Lawrence North Faculty

    "Thank you to everyone who has been involved in my daughter, Trissa's, outstanding high school career! You're all wonderful and have left a lasting impact on her that she'll carry in her heart forever!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Dawn Gentry

    "Mrs.Gentry is an amazing teacher! She has made sure to check in on me and also help me with my work. She has also helped me a lot during the past few years with personal problem. She is a wonderful person!" - Makayla Rainwater

  • Carol Happ*

    "Coach Happ- It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. Thank you for your efforts this year in Weights for our son Owen Quinn. He loves the class and your style. Appreciate you pushing & supporting him. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Amy and Rob Quinn

  • Sarah Jamerson*

    "Mrs Jamerson- It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. We appreciate your efforts this year in Yearbook for our son Owen Quinn. He loves the class. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Rob and Amy Quinn

  • Heather Klopfenstein*

    "Mrs. Klopfenstein - It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. Thank you for your efforts this year in Spanish II for our son Owen Quinn. He loves the class and your style. It is chock full of enthusiasm and fun. We've observed the same in a glimpse at Meet the Teacher night. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Amy and Rob Quinn

  • Larry Leonhardt

    "Thank you, Mr. Leonhardt, for being such an excellent teacher for my daughter, Trissa! She's been lucky to have you as a teacher twice...AP World and IB Psychology. Both classes were challenging and beneficial in their own way; yet both helped her grow as a student. She is looking forward to continuing with her study of psychology (as a minor) in college! Thank you for all you have done for our Wildcats!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Patrick Mallory*

    "Coach Mallory - Thank you for working with our son, Owen Quinn, in Weights Class this year." - Amy and Rob Quinn

  • Isaac Masih*

    "Mr. Masih - It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. Thank you for your efforts this year in Lyceum 10 for our son Owen Quinn. He loves the class. We appreciate you challenging & supporting him. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Amy and Robb Quinn

  • Emily McMasters

    "Mrs. McMasters, there is so much I could say about you. I will never forget when you took time out of YOUR weekend to go to Starbucks to get me ready for a test. No teacher has EVER did that for me! I appreciate you so much!" - O'Shyn Rochell

    "Thank you for being an outstanding honors pre-cal/trig teacher!! You have positively impacted two of my high schoolers' educations, and for that we'll always be grateful! You're a gift to education!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Kelly Ploch

    "Ms. Ploch, you are an amazing teacher! You are supportive, compassionate, and funny if I say so myself. I will never forget the time where you cut me some slack because of how sick I was, any other teacher would've told me to suck it up. You are the best!" - O'Shyn Rochell

  • Dianne Schoff*

    "Mrs. Schoff - It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. Thank you for your efforts this year in Algebra II for our son Owen Quinn. He loves the class. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Rob and Amy Quinn

  • Patrick Tankersley*

    "Mr. Tankersley - It is our pleasure to honor you as an MSDLT Educator. We appreciate your efforts this year in ACP Chemistry for our son Owen Quinn. He loves the class. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, & all the best!" - Amy and Rob Quinn

  • Lawrence North Teachers

    "Thank you to our hard-working teachers at Lawrence North for all you've done during this unprecedented time of e-learning! From the Zoom calls and e-mails, to other ways you have been looking out for our students. We applaud your efforts, value your time, and are grateful for your dedication to education!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Jose Valencia

    "He is a great person. He has taught me a lot in orchestra and life. When I got tendentious and carpel tunnel, he worked with me to keep up my grade through alternative work since I couldn't play." - Makayla Rainwater

  • Rich Winzenread*

    "Coach Winzenread - Thank you for all you do for the boys in the LN Baseball program. Owen was very much looking forward to having the chance to potentially compete on the varsity team this year for you. He loves the program and your style. Thanks sincerely for all you do. Wishing you a relaxing summer, good health to you and yours, and all the best!" - Amy and Rob Quinn

Mary Castle

  • Stacy Frieze

    "Mrs. Frieze is a great teacher. Lincoln really likes her." - Theresa Morris


  • Rande Brooks

    "Mrs. Brooks is an amazing teacher. She goes the extra mile for her students, inside and outside of the classroom. Her outgoing personality brightens many bad days for me." - Jaiden

  • Paul Legge

    "Mr. Legge has always been a great teacher. He is very involved With his students and he cares. He has always pushed O’Shyn to stay focused on her career path and often gave her information that will be very helpful in the future. We all have certain teachers that leave a mark and he is definitely that teacher. Thank you so much Mr. Legge for all that you do for not only my child but for ALL students!" - Shannon Williams

  • Amy Mitchell

    "Thank you, Ms Mitchell, for being such a wonderful and kind Biomed teacher for both of my high schoolers! You are a true gift to education, and we value all that you do!!" - Alanna Ampil

  • Jeff Smith*

    "Mr. Smith - It is our pleasure to honor you as an Educator in MSDLT. Thanks for your efforts in POE Class this year with our son, Owen Quinn. He really loves the class and the challenges you present." - Amy and Rob Quinn

  • Kristen Ziegler

    "Mrs. Ziegler, I just want you to know that you are an amazing teacher, from the way you teach to the way you are just there for your students. You are one of the few teachers I have a bond with, and for that I thank you!" - O'Shyn Rochell


  • Kristen Burton

    "Ms. Burton challenges my child and cares for her. Phoenix loves being in Ms. Ms. Burton's class and misses her!" - Anne Ganovsky

  • Kathryn McConnell*

    "Ms. McConnell has shown persistence in challenging my child and patience. We appreciate all her hard work. Dylan misses her!" - Anne Ganovsky

    "Thank you for making this year so special. We appreciate you!" - Emily Haas Brown

  • Jenny Sheets*

    "Thank you for a wonderful 6 years! We appreciate you!" - Emily Haas Brown

  • Kathy Prince-Williams*

    "Thank you for always taking extra special care of our Jeb. We appreciate you!" - Emily Haas Brown 

Skiles Test

  • Carolyn Gassmann

    "Miss Gassmann was been a wonderful and thoughtful teacher all year. She has sent home pictures and personal notes throughout the year, highlighting what’s special about each student. Adelaide has thrived under Miss Gassmann’s guidance. Even in this time of e-learning, we receive videos each day to help maintain Adelaide’s Spanish skills, and even received a note and a book on the mail. Thank you so much for a wonderful year and for helping Adelaide grow!" - Leah Johnson

  • Señorita Moreno

    "La Señorita Moreno es una maravillosa maestra maestra ella siempre esta disponible para ayudar tanto a mi hijo como a mi cuando no entendemos algo,siempre esta haciendo videos en donde nos ayuda muchisimo para que nosotros los padres podamos ayudar a nuestro hijos en estos tiempos en que estan en casa yo podria decir muchisimas casas muy buenas sobre la señorita Moreno para poder explicar lo maravillosa Maestra que es pero creo que si comparto la felicidad que veo en los ojos de mi hijo cada vez que tiene su clase por Zoom y ve a su maestra es bellisimo ver como le brillan sus ojitos de alegria y eso a mi como madre es muy gratificante verlo .Grasias de todo corazon señorita Moreno que Dios la bendiga RJ le manda saludo." - Betsy

Winding Ridge

  • Kristin Burmeister*

    "Kristin - There are not enough thank you's in this universe to share my gratitude for all that you do at Winding Ridge. I am so grateful to have had you back on my team this year and to share my students with you. You have grown so much since you first came to us and I am so proud of you!" - Lindsey Shaurette

  • Stacy Dolson*

    "Stacy - Thank you for becoming such an important member of our D3 Team. I loved learning from you and working alongside you. Can't wait for a whole year with you next year!" - Lindsey Shaurette

  • Christina Gray

    "Mrs. Gray has gone above and beyond with zoom meetings every day she's always patient and kind with her students." - Amanda Lanum

  • Lynnette Landwehr*

    "Lynnette - Thank you so much for your consistent leadership in a very inconsistent year for you. You experienced so many challenges, yet you never let it get you down and continued to provide support to your team and across the building. I am grateful to have been on the D3 team with you!" - Lindsey Shaurette

  • Ashley McKay*

    "Ashley - Thank you so much for your leadership this year and for sharing our classroom. I loved teaching beside you and learning from you." - Lindsey Shaurette

  • Sarah Stanley*

    "Sarah - Thank you for leadership this year as you joined the D3 Team. I enjoyed working together again in a new capacity and appreciate your effort all over the building. I'm looking forward to another year together next year!" - Lindsey Shaurette

  • Kendra Randle*

    "Kendra - Thank you so much for the leadership on our team and throughout the school this year. You go above and beyond in your dedication to building relationships that matter and I am so grateful to have worked so closely with you this year." - Lindsey Shaurette


  • Yolanda Kailou*

    "Ms. Yolanda - Thank you so much for taking us to school safely every day! We miss you so much and look forward to seeing you again in August! Have a great summer!" - Jayme and Carter Shaurette

*Indicates a donation was made in their name through Honor An Educator.


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